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How to find us, and how to contact us
Intradoc Srl
Via Brini, 45
40128 Bologna
Tel.: +39 051 0404200
Fax: +39 051 0404203

Registered office:
Intradoc srl, Via Brini 45, 40128 Bologna
Registered in the Bologna business register at 02009541208 - Registered in the Economic Administrative Directory at No. BO-405856
Share capital: € 50,400 (fully paid up)

To contact us directly, use the addresses below:
Company Management Luca Turati
Administration Office Cristina Scagliarini
Tel.: +39 051 0404201
IT and Localisation Bruno Spagna
Production, Italy Roberto Mezzetti
Human Resources Manager Sandra Achiluzzi
DTP Claudio Afroditi
Sales Damiano Primiceri
Tel.: +39 051 0404202
Quotation request
Tel.: +39 051 0404200
If you prefer to come into our offices:

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