UNI EN ISO 17100
Translations with Quality Certification
Since April 2016 Intradoc Srl has certified its translation process, ensuring that it complies with the provisions of UNI EN ISO 17100:2015.

This may not seem very important, but in fact is highly significant: in a market full of translation providers (with offers which often seem too good to be true) and in which “sales” take priority, Intradoc Srl has decided to make its top priority the Quality of translations and, as a result, utmost attention to Client requirements.
For every job, Intradoc Srl guarantees:
1) a Translation Service carried out by one or more Professional Translators who only translate into their own language and who are specialists with years of experience in their subject areas;
2) a revision service carried out by a second Professional (Reviser) who checks that the translation is linguistically, terminologically and semantically accurate;
3) a further, final service consisting of a check by a third Professional (Final Verifier) tasked with ensuring that the project to be delivered conforms to the original and meets the Client’s requirements.
All of this is part of a production process in which each team member is aware of his role and in which nothing is left to chance, thanks to a system of internal operating and control procedures.

Every year, Intradoc Srl has its production process audited by an International Body (EuroCert) which checks that we constantly comply with the provisions of the relevant Standard. If we pass, every three years our Certification is renewed.

We do all of this in order to provide you with top quality translations.
Certified Quality.

UNI EN ISO 17100